There Are No Secret Societies, Nor Conspiracies

There are no secrets societies, nor conspiracies.
Some people see, while others don’t.

The odds aren’t stacked up against anyone,
in fact, there are no odds.

What some believe has been hidden,
has been right in front of us all along.

The signs pointing the way are in plain sight,
some people see them, others don’t.

Some have followed the signs to find us,
while others stare at the signs, and rail against conspirators.

Everyone is free to see, everyone is free to join us.
There are no barriers to entry. Ours is not a secret society.

There are no secret hand shakes.
We recognize each other by our light.
It’s in our eyes, in our vision, our movement, our sound.
It is a resonance the seers see in each other.

So what is it?
Words are of no use. Language fails to describe this.
In the past, teachers tried to teach,
Guides tried to show the way.

When prophets showed us their light, we crucified them.
When they lit up in ecstasy, we burned women at the stake.
Teachers are everywhere, but only some pupils can see and hear, very few can understand.

False prophets are all around us.
They sell enlightenment, peddle special diets, and strike yoga poses,
but their buyers never find the way.

And so it remains blurred behind a veil of religion, righteousness,
politics, media, yoga mat spirituality, and ego.

The one who claims he is enlightened, is most likely not.
Only the ego could make such a wicked claim.

So where is this secret? It is within you. You already own it.
How do you unlock it? You already possess the key.
You were born with the knowledge that the truth is inside.
And how do you find it? By going within.

Your power is within you, imprinted in your soul. You are its only rightful owner.

All the word’s religions say that you and only you possess the keys to the gates of heaven, and that you may only pass through its gates on your own merit.

It is your own work, your own purpose, your own path.

So close your eyes, take a deep breath, relax. Be alone with your self. Get to know your inner being. In that silence and in that stillness, it will reveal itself to you. The more bliss you find in the nothingness, the more the stillness will reveal the truth behind the veils. Though it is still, silent and empty, please know this IS your path.

Don’t push, force, effort or frustrate. The more you bliss in what is, the more will be revealed to you. Simply enjoy.

Your path is different from mine, so don’t ask if you can walk my path with me.

Your eyes are more beautiful than mine, so they will see truth in their own special way.

If you need guidance, your will receive it.

Who are the guides, and who are the teachers? Your personal guide will resonate. You will recognize him or her with your eyes closed, and feel a spark of recognition in your heart.

A guide will never claim to be a guide, nor tell you what to believe. In fact, a guide will not attempt to teach at all. He or she has no instructions for you to follow, no potions for you to drink. He or she is simply a resonance for you to align with. To hear his or her voice, you must be turned on.

There is only one wrong way. And that is to seek truth from outside yourself, to believe what someone else claims, to join the path of another. When you follow the path of another person, you discover them, but not yourself.

And so, nothing has ever been hidden from you. You were born with your eyes wide open, and you saw the magic around you. It sparkled, it smiled, it winked, and it made you giggle. When you saw the world from within you, you were able to see its truth. But then you focused your eyes and attention on the outside world, like all humans you accepted it as reality. It is not, it is just a projection.

To find that magic, you must know it is inside you. To open your mind’s eye, follow the light within you. It won’t happen over night, in fact it can take years to unlearn what the world has taught you, and to find the truth.

Do you want to see what we see?

The world is a beautiful place. There is only love and nothing else. It is available to us all. There is always plenty, we all have it all. We are always full, we are always satisfied, we are always in love. If you can see anything other than light, love, and overabundance, you have some more work to do.

Ours is an egoless world. When the ego falls asleep, we all wake up. You will see the light, and you too will shine bright like a diamond. You will have no judgement, see no obstacles, feel no lack.

Keep going, there’s always more to discover, and more to learn. Follow your bliss and you will find us. We are glad you made it, and we are always happy to see you. In fact, we welcome your light, your energy, your joy and your success. You will be immensely wealthy when you reach us, and we will applaud your success.

Come. We are up here.




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  1. Beautiful. It feels like an auspicious coincidence to come across this poem. Thank you 🙂


  2. Iconoclast says:

    Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.


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