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How To Feed Your Own Soul In The Age Of Social Distancing

How to feed your own soul? Is your soul hungry? Now that we live in an era of social distancing, is your soul starving? This has been a strange week, with most of my coworkers now working from home, and … Continue reading

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The Ease With Which She Says No

Boundaries teach people how to treat you. People can only know what they have been taught. They are not offensive, and when people are offended by your boundaries, rather than apologize, notice what they are offended by, and treat them … Continue reading

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The Power Of Your Anger and Your Emotional Triggers

In the last few years, my biggest lesson has been this: “The more upset I get about something, the more underlying baggage and shit that I’m avoiding dealing with. Irrationally large emotional responses are like our psychological metal detectors, they’re … Continue reading


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Stuck In The Past, Not Moving Forward?

Why are we all so loyal to our pasts, when it is the future we are trying to create? If you keep your past activated, it plays a heavy part in your present, and you keep projecting it into your … Continue reading

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