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Tune Out of Other People, to Tune Into Yourself

What are you tuned into? Drama, politics, activism, reality? Who are you tuned into? Friends, family members, partners, celebrities? Your reality is just a projection of your inner awareness, so what are you aware of? Problems, challenges, stress, or global … Continue reading

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When Spiritual Paths Lead Away From Marriage

Why is the institution of marriage failing? There must be something wrong with people today. Why are divorce rates skyrocketing? Because married people aren’t trying hard enough to repair their failing marriages.  Why are women marrying later in life? Because … Continue reading

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A Goddess Does Nothing To Get A Man

The most disempowering idea out there is that a woman has to do something special to find a man. Go to any book store, pick up any dating manual, and it is full of ludicrous advice that a woman must … Continue reading

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You Should Go and Love Yourself

I begin today’s blog post with a quote by Mandy Hale: “ If you don’t love yourself, you will always chase people who don’t love you either”.   This one hit a nerve because for decades I was that girl, … Continue reading

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