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Hold Wants Lightly, and What You Seek Will Find You

“Hold wants lightly, and what you seek will find you. Hold wants tightly, and what you want will forever elude you” Though I am not religious, Buddha’s words always resonate. And though this is NOT a quote by Buddha, … Continue reading

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I Absolutely Love My Crazy, Sexy, Beautiful, Single Life

It’s no secret, I LOVE being single, and I always have. I love the freedom of it, I love getting and staying in touch with myself, exploring my inner Goddess and talking to her every day. I love all aspects … Continue reading

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Unconditional Love Comes to Those Who Don’t Believe in Conditions

How can you find unconditional love, if you believe so much in conditions?  We all talk about unconditional love as if it is life’s ultimate goal, but have very little understanding of the concept. I see that those people who … Continue reading

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When You Fall in Love With Your Solitude, Everyone Wants to Be With You

When you fall in love with your solitude, everyone wants to be with you. I have always loved being alone. It is my time to re-charge, pamper myself, and quiet my mind. But, I understand that many people don’t like … Continue reading

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I Love All My Exes

There is a freedom, and an immense liberation in loving people anyway. All of those who we have walked away from, those we have lost, those who will never come back. It may be contrary to how we have been … Continue reading

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Shhhh….I’m Busy Being Worshiped

Shhhh….I’m busy being worshiped. The more my inner Goddess comes out, the more men are willing to crawl on their hands and knees for me. The more sure, the more self-possessed, the more independent I am, the more they need … Continue reading

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