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Goddess Worship: An Affair With Myself

If you are like many women today, you are actively pursuing a goal of self-development.  And if you are just starting on your path, you have probably heard liking yourself, in fact, loving yourself, is the key to getting in … Continue reading

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Do You Need a Mentor, or Do You Study Champions?

Who is mentoring you? Why? What was your intent behind finding a mentor? Before you choose one, think wisely who this person is, and what they have accomplished? Have they achieved where you want to be? No one can teach … Continue reading

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Why a Woman Should Never Compromise for a Man

Today’s post was inspired by a video one of my fellow Goddesses posted in our private Facebook group. If you are a woman who can handle opinions drastically different than her own, without judgment or vitriol, and would love to … Continue reading

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