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Phantom Relationships And Neverending Stories

Do you have a neverending story with someone? An impossible, unattainable man, that overly complicated situation that never turned into a relationship. This story has actually been preventing you from starting to live your life. You cannot start to live … Continue reading

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Single Bliss For The Holidays 

Holiday stress is not caused by being single. Holiday stress is caused when we force ourselves to honor others and their needs above our own. Holiday stress is about obligation to our families and friends. It is about duty to … Continue reading

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The Power of Emotional Triggers

Feelings are emotion. They are energy in motion. What you feel on the inside represents what is happening on the outside. If you feel uncomfortable with something, if it just doesn’t feel good, it is probably because on some level … Continue reading

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Are You Getting Turned On?

Should I settle for the nice guy? Nah. He can wait. This is every woman’s dilemma, and that nice guy who’s a sure thing can wait anyway. Do I choose the guy who has strong interest in me, but I … Continue reading

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To All The #RealMen, Thank You!

I am always impressed by men who are interested in sitting down with women to have a two-way conversation about changing social constructs, gender roles, and female empowerment, to find a better way to relate to us. They are few, … Continue reading

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The Higher Purpose Of This Relationship

Why are we in this relationship?  Have you ever met someone really nice who qualifies on all levels, yet you already know before he/she utters ‘I like you’, this one is friend material? This person is perfect, but not for … Continue reading

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Monsters Laying At My Feet

MONSTERS.  We have all dated one, two, or if you’re a slow learner like me, a few 🙂 I used to ask myself, what is wrong with me if I am always attracting the crazy ones? Am I crazy?  The … Continue reading

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