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Romeo Must Die

There’s a new man on the scene, and I’m apprehensive. Perhaps I am jaded, bored, or tired. It is more likely that I have reached the end of a cycle where I am leaving the past behind, and stepping into … Continue reading

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Problems and Fears Serve a Higher Purpose

What if your problems were serving a higher purpose? What if those uncomfortable, panic-inducing monsters under your bed were the key to unlocking your life’s potential? We strive to overcome our problems, kill the monsters, in fact, we are taught … Continue reading

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Goddess, Know Thyself

Why do I do what I do? When we don’t understand our own behavior, it is because we don’t know ourselves. If we have bad habits, obsessions, compulsions, and we allow them to drive us, we are letting them be … Continue reading

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Can You Handle Rejection Like A Sane Adult?

This pattern of making all the effort, pushing and prodding relationships forward is not leading you toward love, it is you pushing lovers to give you what they have no interest in giving you.   Are you incapable of seeing, … Continue reading

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