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Win Friends and Enjoy Relationships With Wu Wei

Have you ever watched a performance by a dancer, or an actor, and noticed that the performance was forced, you could tell that the artist wasn’t in the zone? It seems rigid, artificial, unnatural, there was no flow, life, nor … Continue reading

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The Monkey Mind- A Powerful Self-Healing Tool You Are Ignoring

That negative voice in your head. Do you hear one? No, you are not crazy, it is what some meditation teachers refer to as the Monkey Mind. It talks incessantly, it has a mind of it’s own, it bounces from … Continue reading

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Who Determines A Woman’s Value?

A friend who is also in the private “Goddess” forum said something that truly resonated. “Women have to understand that they are they are the only ones who can determine their own value”. What did she mean? Often women derive … Continue reading

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