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See the World Through Different Eyes

The world isn’t starving. You are. Experience is life’s greatest teacher. Immersion in the unknown, the unexpected, and absolutely frightening can be a life altering experience. I found myself, when I set off on a quest to experience the extraordinary … Continue reading

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I Am The Woman Of My Dreams

Let me make myself clear: I am the woman of my dreams. I really like myself, in fact, I adore myself. I make no apologies for that. I am educated, polished, worldly, experienced, adventuresome, stubborn, tough, unapologetic, fearless, sexy, young, … Continue reading

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In a Permanent State of Orgasm

Every human being comes into this world absolutely in love with itself. Just look into a child’s eyes, and you will see nothing but ecstasy in any given moment. The wonder of discovering one’s toes, the absolute pleasure of seeing … Continue reading

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No One Owes it To You To Grow With You

Spiritual growth is a personal journey. It requires a certain level of self-possession, to embark on a path all by oneself. It is this path of solitude that teaches us to become self aware, self reliant, self expressive, self possessed. … Continue reading

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Bartering Sex for Commitment- Are You a Trader?

People speak of loyalty as if it is something they’re entitled to. Ask for it, and stand in dismay, when you don’t receive it. It is those same people who give away loyalty to anyone they like or need, and … Continue reading

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Offer No Loyalty to Men Who Do Not Meet My Needs

  If women stopped sleeping with men who don’t respect our choices, our bodies, or our humanity, we wouldn’t still be fighting for our rights in the 21st century. If women compromised their belief systems less, and understood the importance … Continue reading

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Any Effort to Keep a Man in Your Life is Way Too Much

If you are doing anything at all to keep a man in your life, you are doing way too much. Any effort on your part, shifts the power away from you, onto him, and we all know what happens when … Continue reading

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