Offer No Loyalty to Men Who Do Not Meet My Needs


If women stopped sleeping with men who don’t respect our choices, our bodies, or our humanity, we wouldn’t still be fighting for our rights in the 21st century.

If women compromised their belief systems less, and understood the importance of selecting only men with proven track records, we would be so powerful. The minute she begins to work on accepting him with all his shortcomings, she begins to compromise herself, and she has just lost his respect. After all, if she is willing to accept less dignity, less fair treatment, less worship, lesser behavior, eventually, she will forget she is a Goddess.
Scrutinize more, and make no excuses for men who don’t worship you. Women are suffering from a major guilt trip imposed by the media. We are told that we are too picky, too choosy, too selfish to be investing in our careers, and are scared into believing that if we don’t settle on time, we will be sentenced to lonely spinsterhood. But such fear mongering, presses too many women to settle down, way down.

Unfortunately, many believe that it is more important to have a man, than it is to be with a man who respects and honors us, as well as other women. How careless it is to ignore his history of treating other women, the keeping of his past commitments, his voting record, his personal belief system?

Too many women are quick to look the other way, compromise, and make excuses for a man who has no track record in honoring women at all. We have all been guilty of this in the past, after all, it is a part of our learning process, and personal growth.

But being in a wholesome relationship means being with a person who honors you, not just with words, but with deeds, with proof, and with his voting record. Are you compromising too much?

Personally, I have always been happier alone, than in a relationship with someone who doesn’t show me respect. The older I grew, the more I realized how this belief honors me, how it empowers me, and how much more respect I command when I am with a solid man in a healthy relationship.

It took years to learn how not to compromise myself- I admit, I am a slow learner. But today, I love the woman that I am. I love my choices, my opinions, my stubborn loyalty to myself. I am not loyal to men who do not meet my needs, nor to men who make no effort to meet them. You shouldn’t be either.

Loyalty is something that must be earned, not something you should be quick to give away.



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1 Response to Offer No Loyalty to Men Who Do Not Meet My Needs

  1. Nixtie says:

    Really nice post and very well written. Some true words in it. It is true that it is our own fault that women are seen today like that as some of us don’t care about their dignity and just blindly trust men or do things they think they must be doing in order to gain their respect while it actually is wrong and the opposite happens. I just realized this in my last relationship and your words in this article couldn’t fit more.Thank you so much for this.


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