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Lack of Identity Destroys Relationships

Do love and relationships feel like a drug to you? When you have someone to be with, you feel fulfilled. You’d do anything to keep them happy, even sacrifice your own beliefs, integrity, peace to keep them around. Do you … Continue reading

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Do You Qualify For The One You Desire?

Are you the person that the person you want is looking for? How do you know if you qualify to be with the person you are interested in?  I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t … Continue reading

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My Walk In The White Light

Why does religion have a monopoly on the afterlife? What if the death experience is not a religious experience at all? For me death was a natural experience, a physical or energetic transformation, a choice between the physical me and … Continue reading

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Where Are All The Gods?

Who are the real men? Where are all the Gods?  Who are our counterparts?   Being a nice guy does not mean you are owed a date. Being a family man doesn’t mean you are owed discretion when you act … Continue reading

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