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We Love At Our Own Level Of Consciousness

We all leave relationships because we are not being loved the way we want to be loved.  The kind of love I dream of, is not being given by the other person. It’s not his fault, he has his own … Continue reading

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Limitless- The Power of My Meditating Mind

You came into this world with one purpose only, to experience life beautifully. What is beautiful to you, is yours to decide. What is beautiful to me may be unacceptable to many people, but I pursue life’s ultimate experiences as … Continue reading

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Letting Go Is Easy, If You Are Truly Letting Go

What are you still holding on to? Letting go is probably the most powerful lesson I learned in my life, and we are all aware of some things we should be letting go of. What surprised me the most is … Continue reading

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Starving Cowboys and Tired Angels

When your heart is in someone else’s plans, they perceive you as that missing piece of their puzzle. You are the solution to their years of searching. You are the key to their completion. They see you as the answer … Continue reading

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Transactional vs. Intuitive Dating

Have you ever been frustrated trying to explain to a person why you are not interested in them, or why they just don’t do it for you?  Have you been irritated by someone who cannot intuitively tell there is no … Continue reading

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Relationships As Life’s Optimal Experiences

Everybody is starving for relationships, or so it seems. Turn on your social media feed, and you’ll be bombarded by a hundred desperate posts about why the world today is so bad because good people can’t find a partner. ‘There … Continue reading

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Sexually Dissatisfied, But Silent

This discussion started among the Goddesses in the private forum, and quickly turned into a heated debate.  One of us shared a news article about a woman who divorced a man who didn’t disclose to her he was impotent, then … Continue reading

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