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How Many Phone Calls Are One Too Many?

How many times do you check if someone likes you, or is interested in you? When someone isn’t responding to your calls or texts, how many more times would you call or text? Granted, the other person should be more … Continue reading

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How to Manage Fear and Anxiety Mindfully

FEAR. Everybody knows how awful it feels. What if you have an ongoing, long-term fear, an anxiety, or an automatic negative feeling triggered by external circumstance? How to deal with it mindfully? This post is not for everyone, but I … Continue reading

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A Priceless Woman Has No Price Tag

“If it’s free, it’s for me”. You have heard the expression. Some women can totally identify with the statement, while others find free stuff cheap, distasteful, and are offended by freebies. Why? In business school, we learned “When something is … Continue reading


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If Your Presence Doesn’t Add Value, Your Absence Won’t Make a Difference.

This morning a member of our private forum posted “If your presence doesn’t add value, your absence won’t make a difference.” How many people are trying to be present in your life? How many lives are you trying to be … Continue reading

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