I Am The Woman Of My Dreams

Let me make myself clear: I am the woman of my dreams. I really like myself, in fact, I adore myself. I make no apologies for that. I am educated, polished, worldly, experienced, adventuresome, stubborn, tough, unapologetic, fearless, sexy, young, kind, well-liked, confident, opinionated, outspoken, a leader.

I reject tradition, religious dogma, gender roles, social norms, older men, control, regulation, attention seekers, labels, decorum, political correctness, dependency, anything that limits my free will.

I live life to the fullest. I travel the world solo, and with good friends, I drink champagne all day. I drive fast cars, buy myself diamonds, treat myself to beautiful objects. I love younger men, and have no problem experiencing them. When I am 99 years old, and laying on my death bed, I will be smiling.

To some, liking myself this much may be considered narcissistic. Not sorry that some have a problem with that. I live my life by my rules, and make no apologies for that. I treat myself better than anyone else could ever treat me- not because I am compensating, or seeking validation, but because I totally deserve it.

I would love it if every woman loved herself this much. I would love it if every woman made herself priority number one. No matter what. I would love it if every woman spoke up for herself. I would love it if every woman realized that a Goddess is not some mythical creature fabricated by ancient religions.

I am real.



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