Goddess Worship: An Affair With Myself

If you are like many women today, you are actively pursuing a goal of self-development.  And if you are just starting on your path, you have probably heard liking yourself, in fact, loving yourself, is the key to getting in touch with your inner Goddess, awakening her, turning her on.

Self-love is nothing new, in fact, it has been around for centuries. But we are just waking up to the fact, that self-love has been hidden from women for centuries, for fear that a woman in love with herself is somehow too witchy, too confident, self-possessed, cold, and in some cultures, demonic. It has never been astonishing to encounter a man who loved himself, loved his work, loved his pursuits, loved his many lovers, and loved life. In fact, that has always been the most ideal man.

Societies have feared self-loving women since the dawn of mankind. A woman who loved herself, who was connected to her inner Goddess, was called many names, none of which were kind. A good woman, even by today’s standards, is one who set aside loving herself in favor of loving others more. A good mother, must love her children more than she loves herself. A good wife, puts her husband first. Tradition, scriptures, even marriage manuals advise that a woman must invest in her husband, her marriage and her relationship more than she invests in herself.

Thus today, I spend more time unteaching women, and discouraging them from investing in their relationships. You see, two thousand years of women not knowing they are Gods, has lead many to believe that a relationship with another person leads to happiness, when in fact, a relationship with herself is the key to her power.

Though we are slowly coming awake, and starting to get to know ourselves, I am often dismayed to find out that the reason many women invest in themselves is because they believe that investment will pay a dividend- a man, a husband, a relationship.

Though my power lies inside myself and unleashing that inner Goddess both men and women fear, and though my success in dating comes from that very place, I have stopped, in fact I promise, I will never teach or guide a woman on how to catch and retain a man. Let this be your fair warning, my seminars, workshops and coaching will never address that subject. If you would like to know how to disempower yourself, stand on your head and properly text your way into a human connection, by all means buy another dating manual, subscribe to another online course. This is not what The Goddess Principles is, and never will be.

The Goddess Principles concept is for women who know who they are, they know what they want, they make no apologies for it. Sure, Goddesses are both married and single, neither is better than another. We all recognize one has made a choice to marry, while the other chose to stay independent. That said, finding a man, retaining a man, and figuring out how to legally bind ourselves to one, is never our concern.

Our foundation is based upon women loving themselves, simply for the sake of love and nothing else. We know, that our power to shape our lives and live them exactly how we desire lies inside of us, not outside. We focus on growing ourselves for our own sake, and self-love is the core of who a Goddess is.

Self love is a principle long hidden from humanity, especially from women. For centuries, we have been warned against it, punished for it, even burned at the stake. Women who dared to find out, or worse, practice it have been called by all kinds of names. Even today, a woman who loves herself shamelessly, unapologetically, hedonistically, openly is referred to as a whore, a bitch, a narcissist, etc.

In fact, those ancient, secret societies we all hear about, were founded upon the principles of Goddess worship, as they knew, but never revealed to the masses, that woman is God, and that the key to any man’s success, is waking up that aspect of a woman that bestows upon him (if she is pleased) ultimate success.

Though it has been hidden from females, and practiced fervently by very successful men, the practice has been bastardized, twisted around, distorted beyond all recognition of woman worship. Without going into history, my goal is to teach women how to access that power within. For, if she wakes up that aspect of her inner self, there is nothing she can’t do, and nothing she can’t have. That power has always been within women only, discovered by very few, and understandably kept secret.

I disclose, not every woman can access this power. We all have the Goddess within, most will never tap into her, majority might get a glimpse, then quickly look the other way out of fear. That is okay. I can neither force her out of you, nor can I talk you out of decades of your own repression, resistance and judgement.

In my talks and meeting many such women, I see that they come from two types of backgrounds. She was either that kid who refused to listen, rebelled against everything, didn’t play the sugar and spice and everything nice role very well. She was that girl who could say No, and mean it, has punched a boy or two in her life, allowed herself sex simply for the experience and refused to accept guilt. Or, she was that woman who always knew that there was more, the one who understood that there is something inside her, and through her own, independent, solitary path, discovered her ability to quiet the mind, enjoy its stillness, and tap into that energy that lay dormant inside her since childhood. You see we are all born with it, but parents, school, and society extinguish that flame before the age 1.

So what I teach here is how to love yourself. If I could have one wish for you, it is to do it shamelessly, greedily, glutonously, unapologetically, ravenously, proudly and fearlessly. And step one is to simply stare in the mirror, smile, blush, and see that the Goddess is absolutely beautiful. She has nothing to feel ashamed of. The only shame is in not worshiping herself. That is the only pathetic woman there is.








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