I Absolutely Love My Crazy, Sexy, Beautiful, Single Life

It’s no secret, I LOVE being single, and I always have. I love the freedom of it, I love getting and staying in touch with myself, exploring my inner Goddess and talking to her every day. I love all aspects of my crazy, sexy, single life. Now that I have freed myself from social expectations, media garbage, and the opinions of friends who don’t enjoy dating, I am enjoying, basking, and exploring the fascinating world of men and dating. I love them all.


6 yrs ago as I was freeing myself from a 15 yr relationship, I resolved to have the most thrilling dating, sexual, and relationship experience. I was on a mission to sample it all, learn from everyone, sample the bon-bons in this candy store called life. And what an awesome experience it has been. It is so good, that I have had to step back, and re-evaluate the value of marriage, contractual relationships, and tradition. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against any of those things, but having thrown myself into this wonderland of men, sex and dating, I simply don’t want to leave.


The contrast to my experience is all around me. Open any newspaper, read any blog, and you’ll read sagas written by social commentators, psychologists and “experts” about how pathetic it is to be a single woman today. They portray us as lonely, despondent, and disappointed with the choices we made to educate ourselves and advance our careers, because now we can’t have a man who matches our qualifications. This is absolute bullshit, and I urge you ladies to stop listening to this garbage. It disempowers you, and cuts you off from that connection with your higher self, the self that knows that life is absolutely divine, and that the world is your oyster.


I am constantly amazed by how many young, energetic, ambitious, fearless women I know today. I am surrounded by women who are happy, growing, exploring, liberated, thriving. We travel the world, can afford the best things in life, treat ourselves very well (much better than any man could). We invest in our personal growth, we walk our own path fearlessly because being single is nothing to fear.  We are professionals, we are exposed, we are worldly, and we are experienced. Apparently, a lot of people, especially the media have a problem with that.


Since I founded The Goddess Principles, my mission has been to inspire women to take off their blindfolds. Shut off your TV, better yet, get rid of the relic. Unsubscribe to all mass media, and just say no to the toxic sludge that media feeds you. It is what is making women so depressed.


The world is a beautiful place, and it is exceptionally exciting if you are a single, educated woman with some disposable income. The truth I discovered since I embarked on this journey is that there is no shortage of men at all. There never has been, and there never will be. I am constantly surrounded by excellent, loving, giving, affectionate, gorgeous, generous, educated men in my own age group and younger, and they all want me. If you are experiencing anything different, it is because you believe in the shortage.


I am not skinnier, smarter, nor more beautiful than an average woman, yet my dating experience is an absolute adventure. In fact, when I was of the mindset that equated a single woman over 40 to a hopeless spinster, all I could see were old, bald, divorced men around me, as part of my reality. But once I rejected the ideas that a woman my age should have to settle for less, once I rejected the attitude that without a man I have nothing, a whole new world opened up.


Everyone knows I am absolutely fascinated with the mind, and how it creates its own reality. Much of what we believe about ourselves and our reality is spoon fed to us by media. The mind accepts those stories, and builds a reality from that projection.


Today, I have a new reality. I created it by getting rid of my TV, cancelling my subscription to the New York Times, and I religiously protect myself from negative media, bloggers who paint an ugly portrait of the single life. I surround myself with women who are thriving, I join groups of women who are winning, and I absolutely love getting to know women who live life on their own terms.


I recently joined a Facebook community of female travelers called Girls Love Travel. If you are looking for inspiration for how real women live and thrive, I urge you to join this group. These are women of all ages, who travel the world, sample all its pleasures, speak freely on all subjects, encourage and inspire women to break the boundaries and just live life to its fullest.


Most of my readers know that I coach women into becoming total Goddesses in every aspect of their lives. I do this intuitively, and I channel most of the ideas and information I present to my clients and followers. I truly believe that we are divine, and when we are connected to our inner selves, we shine in the most spectacular way. When we are in touch with that higher self, we are in touch with the truth of what it means to be a woman. That truth is hidden from us, and has been dormant for centuries.


Some of us are waking up, stepping outside the box, and seeing that there is a whole world out there. That world is to be explored, for that world is your domain. It is a wonderland of the most beautiful experiences life has to offer, and you are to sample and learn from it all. You are to delight in all of life’s pleasures, and that includes exotic travel, the feeling of independence, fearlessness, laughter, beautiful men, sexual adventures, champagne, lot’s of candy, confidence, self-knowledge, never-ending orgasms, because this is life!



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  1. GirlAstray says:

    Sometimes being with someone for a long time makes us forget what was it like to just decide for ourselves…both being single and being in a relationship can be beautiful or horrible, depending on many factors…cheers to freedom and the happy life! 🙂

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