Shhhh….I’m Busy Being Worshiped

Shhhh….I’m busy being worshiped.

The more my inner Goddess comes out, the more men are willing to crawl on their hands and knees for me. The more sure, the more self-possessed, the more independent I am, the more they need me.

I wasn’t always like this. Like all women, I spent years trying to figure out the opposite sex. But unlike most women, my goal wasn’t to get a man into a stable, long-term relationship, it was to get the upper hand, become empowered, and make them worship to me.

I finally figured it out, when I dropped the “finding a relationship” garbage, and decided to invest in a relationship with myself. For 3 years, I was my top priority. Every spare minute was reserved selfishly to myself. Every spare dollar was invested in treating myself to everything I knew I deserved.

I studied the world’s most powerful women, the most admirable ones, and found that they weren’t amazing because they followed social norms, or allowed anyone to define them, instead they broke all rules, followed their own bliss, and developed a ‘who gives a fuck’ attitude.

In doing that I started to appreciate myself, discover my inner Goddess that I had been suppressing for years, and letting it all come out. I stepped on a lot of toes, pissed off many friends, said good-bye to toxic relationships, and family members who were making me sick, and realized, I really like the real me. The real Sherry is ballsy, opinionated, worldly, fearless, loves champagne too much, dates younger men only, says exactly what she thinks, is adventuresome, brazen, and believes that life is a candy store, and all candy must be sampled before I die.

So who was I all those years, and why the hell was I so proper? If being polite, soft-spoken, reserved and supportive is what defines a woman, then I’m okay with not being one. Use whatever name for me you like, but I am okay not being a respectable woman. My best friends, bosses, and men who couldn’t have me, have called me a bitch, selfish, a heathen, a witch, insane, pathetic,  in need of counseling.

The simple fact is I eat cake every day, and I truly enjoy my life. I have no inner conflicts, I seek no one to complete me (trust me, many men are dying to have the chance to complete me). I travel with friends, but my favorite pass time is to explore the world solo. I don’t fear men, relationships, heartache, don’t whine about my biological clock, because I don’t have an expiration date.

I am okay with who I am, and once I started to worship myself, men started to do that for me. In years of experimenting and learning from relationships I realized that the one missing piece was ME. As soon as I really saw myself as supreme, as the one to be chased, wanted, pleased, and worshiped, the tables turned automatically, and men started to make me their top priority.

For me, this is now effortless. I have learned to not lift a finger in the relationship, My only work every day is to get in touch with me. I am still my most important project, and I revel in exploring myself, my mind, my body and my inner Goddess. And the new man in my life revels in me too.

The beauty of living like this is that I realized that there is no shortage of men out there at all. There is an over abundance of men my age or younger, who are willing to worship me. In the last six years that I have been single, I have not encountered a single man who did not want more of me, either more of a relationship or more commitment than I was willing to give. I have received three marriage proposals, and believe I am about to get a fourth one. I am not bragging, I am simply pointing out that I have changed my perception of myself, and almost immediately, people and men started to worship me.

My goal with these posts is to inspire women to review their self perception. Are we being true to ourselves when we let society define us? Is it worth to spend years in search of a husband, when men should be chasing us? Trust me, I discovered that men need women much more than we need them, and they need marriage, babies, reassurance and commitment, much more than we do.

So consider turning the tables. You’d be surprised what you discover. Your true power lies in your inner world. Isn’t it worth exploring?



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