Never Mistake Dick for a Man

LESSONS LEARNED, and things I will never do again in dating. Never give a man the benefits of a relationship without any agreement. Never assume that a relationship will grow later. Never assume that sex is the beginning of a relationship and that a relationship will blossom out of a sexual connection in the future. It is quite the opposite. In fact, a true relationship begins first, and then, if a woman is satisfied with what he has brought to her table, if she is happy with its growth, if she sees an authentic bond, and if the relationship has reached the commitment level that she needs, only then does she give the benefits. I’m not sure why women still believe that if we pay for a used car in cash upfront, the slimy used car salesman will give us something special later.So, why do women give up the goods up front, and think he will want them so badly later? I have been on this earth for many decades, but women have been around since the dawn of humanity, and we still haven’t learned this lesson?

Assumptions. We have all paid the price for assumed relationships, and connections we thought we had but were never there. Sure, males often avoid the relationship subject because they know that a factual conversation clearly stating “I am not particularly interested in you, but we can hook up a little, for a while” is most likely to be rejected by a woman of some standards. But women often assume relationships, blow connections out of proportion, and we are responsible for what we think, especially when no clear facts were stated. When I look back, most of my connections, situations and relationships were a battle of my own mind, a discrepancy between the man I thought I have and the one who was slapping me in the face with reality. Ouch.

Often, when I talk to women who are hopeful about a budding connection, they seem to believe in the fantasy. The frog will eventually turn into a prince, and if I throw him back in the swamp, I will regret missing out on a great opportunity later. The guy who isn’t stating anything about his feelings is probably having communication difficulties due to his painful childhood, so let me give him as many relationship benefits now to get him to open up later. I’ll just feed him my energy until the price wakes up and falls in love with me.

We all grow up on fairy tales. But more than that, conventional dating wisdom tells women to pay with their energy up front, pour into his cup first, drown yourself in his cesspool, and she will be rewarded later when he turns into a competent husband. What are we thinking? Or, we are told to marathon date every male on Tinder, give each one of the wart infested frogs an equal chance, exhaust ourselves on human garbage, and maybe one lucky girl will get married! Hooray for you. Why do we still believe this sh*t, and why do we still behave like we have no common sense at all?

Would you really pay a used car salesman cash up front without knowing exactly what you will get in return? So why do we date males who have never clearly expressed what they want, who don’t intend to give us anything but di*k as a consolation prize? Is di*k truly worth it? It must be, because so many women are still worshiping it. But that’s what you get when you believe that giving up the goods up front, to some floundering, flip-flop who doesn’t know who he is- you only get di*k with a head attached to it.

You know, since the dawn of mankind, men have been paying for s*x. Why? Because they feed on it. There are entire industries selling women and their energy to men: from matchmaking, to prostitution, to escort services, to s*x tourism, to mail order brides, and trafficking. No one knows how big the industry is, but I’d venture to guess it is a significant chunk of the global economy. Men need women. They survive on women. Men who have no women are perceived as having no power at all.

Now, have you ever paid for d*ck? Have there ever been situations where you thought you’d save up for a good man? Would you buy s*x? How much would you pay for it, what would be a fair price to you? There isn’t a woman I know who is after d*ck only, Tthe older we get, the more we understand that d8ck can’t make a relationship, in fact, it doesn’t even know how to relate. They get old, they deflate, they start to flop, and the less it works, the more energy it takes on the woman’s part to convince d*ck that he is a man. Never mistake a d*ck for a man.

Yet, we all do that. We all think that when we invest in d*ck, we will grow a man. Who taught us this, and why do we believe this? There’s something seriously wrong with this belief, yet we all invest heavily, and we have all been screwed by d*ck that wasn’t worth it.

At a certain point in life, all women realize this. They all realize they have been screwed by the dating culture a.k.a. d*ck culture, that convinces women to pay up front, or give up the goods to every frog in the swamp if she has any hope of catching a prince later. I see women making very poor choices, literally gushing over warty frogs trying to convince everyone they know, No, really, he truly is a prince in disguise! It’s worse when they try to marry the frog, and convince everyone he’s not just a d*ck, he has potential! You’ll see, I’ll clean him up, I’ll teach him good manners, he’ll get a job and no one will ever know he hasn’t yet turned into a man. Girls, stupid, stupid girls believe this sh*t. And they pay a heavy price when they fall for their own delusions. One truly becomes a woman, when she realizes this scam. Is it any secret that when women reach a certain level of maturity, they openly reject d*ck?

The world is full of d*ck and women never buy it. To my knowledge there is no industry selling mail order husbands, male s*x slaves, and the reason women don’t pay for it is because there is zero to no demand for it. D*ck is cheap, it is available in any grocery store aisle, on every social media chat, on every dating app, at Home Depot, and every woman knows to look out for the d*ck trying to walk her to her car. It is so cheap and easy, it ain’t worth paying for.

The delusion most women have is that d*ck is a relationship. And when it is being offered, they reluctantly take the prize, The ones who are eager to work with it, to see if they can relate to it, maybe it will talk and communicate if she tries hard enough, almost always get screwed by their own delusion. These situations eventually turn into lessons for all of us. They have for me. Like most women who have graduated, I no longer give anything for d*ck. I don’t show up for fine wine if it will get me d*ck at the end of the night. I don’t even accept a steak dinner, it too leads to some d*ck I won’t want later. How about a vacation with a d*ck? No thanks, I have wasted miles of air travel and hours of my life to get to some exotic destination halfway across the world to be disappointed by d*ck.

What money women save by never paying for d*ck, they waste sexual energy, attention, time on situations that are nothing but d*ck in disguise. When will we learn that when a man isn’t saying anything, he isn’t committing nor wanting anything genuine at all? When will we learn not to fall for the used car salesman? When will we insist on clear, verifiable facts, not fantasies that a warty frog will turn into a man? When will be stop being afraid of using our judgement, and actually judging males selling snake oil because that is exactly what our brain and our sense of judgement is for? When will we check out of the marathon dating culture a.k.a. d*ck culture, and realize that we are cheating ourselves, making ourselves unhealthy, polluting our own energy, and free ourselves from this belief that d*ck is an actual man?


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  1. Tisha says:

    ❤️ I’ve been an avid reader since 2020 and i love your content. It’s helped me level up so much . I’ve read all of your post. Thank you for sharing so much of thoughts and life with us.


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