Magic, Madness, Heaven, Sin

Dating is supposed to be a deliciously awesome adventure. If you are suffering, crying, waiting, or needing, then you are not enjoying yourself!  Men have been put on this earth for your pleasure. And how are you to enjoy them, if you are deliberating whether he will give you a relationship status?

No darlings, life is a candy store, and you are meant to enjoy it one candy at a time. If you don’t like one, spit it out, and stuff another one into your mouth!

Along the way, you are meant to develop a taste for the finer candies in life, but how can you do that if you worry about each and every one of them?

Enter The Player, God’s gift to all of us. Many women fear him, for he can break their hearts. Goddesses however, know how to have a good time with him. He is fun, adventuresome, young, and utterly delicious! And, once again, he is not to be taken too seriously.

But here he is, ready for some fun, and what’s a Goddess to do? Fearless, and always ready for an adventure, a Goddess knows she won’t keep him, but she knows he is just the treat she has been waiting for, to take on a jaunt to St.Tropez. For a month, he will look gorgeous as her arm candy, share a fiery sunset with her, then carry her suitcases back to the airport.

Darlings, the Gods of Love gave you a little gift. Enjoy the little devil, have fun with him… When you are 99 yrs old, and laying on your death beds, you will look upon your life knowing that you truly lived. No apologies, No regrets.




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