Want To See God?

Want to see God? She’s quite a screamer. I’m not kidding.

In my quest toward personal growth I have tried many things, but none have been as powerful, and eye-opening as meditation. This is an exercise I bring up often in my talks, because it has truly lead to a complete transformation in who I am as a being.

And in the process of meditating, I have experienced tremendous changes in my life, health, attitudes, personality, physique, and spirituality. Without delving into the boring details, I will go into something that is rarely discussed in medical books, sex education, or religious texts. It is something a few people stumble upon accidentally, and when it happens it is an earth shattering experience. Not because they’ve just had an orgasm, but because they have connected to that state some refer to as Nirvana, others call source, the universe, or heaven.

In that moment worlds collide. The physical, the energetic, the spiritual, come together, and complete understanding is achieved. Is this what has been hidden from humanity for thousands of years? Is this what sex is meant to be? Because this is drastically different from what the media, therapists, sex manuals, and yoga pant wearing gurus preach. There is nothing like this on earth.

So how did I reach this state of Nirvana? I must admit it was purely accidental for me as well, but it did happen, and I am very much in awe of it. It did require a spiritual journey, even though I would never claim to be a particularly spiritual person.

It all started with meditation, as a medical necessity to reduce stress, anxiety, and tame my fiery temper. I had no idea meditation could lead to this. Like most people, I chuckled when my Indian father chanted Om, refusing to believe that I could ever find anything worthwhile in making my mind a blank. But, as time progressed, I did learn how to meditate, and then a whole new world opened up.

I realized that I could reshape my body, without going to the gym. I took control of my organs and bodily functions, and felt an immediate state of health and well-being. I eliminated three diseases for which I took prescription medication: asthma, hypothyroidism, and arthritis. Anxiety disappeared, and my bad temper is a thing of the past. Friends today, do not recognize my calm, serene, and friendly demeanor.

After my physicality had improved, I continued to meditate, simply for the enjoyment of it. And that is when new worlds started to open. My third eye opened (but that is a whole other post which will come later), I started to channel, feel energy move, have visions I couldn’t quite explain, and ultimate knowingness and clarity.

Yes, this was a long process that took years, and I was close to giving up on meditation. The only thing that kept me going is the need to quiet my mind in times of great stress, and I am so glad I kept doing it.

And then it happened. It was a direct result of my inner work. Had I not explored the various techniques of tapping into my consciousness, and learned how to increase my awareness, it never would have happened.

Without going into the gory details of how this particular orgasm happened, all I can say is that once it did, heaven opened up. A white light, I only see in deep trance, enveloped my entire body, visions of goddess worship, self-love, self-respect downloaded into my head, there was an all-knowingness, an understanding with complete clarity what this was. This was Nirvana, the source, love, God. (No I was not in love with the guy who helped me produce this experience, nor was he necessary).

The experience was transformational. It dawned on me that love has nothing to do with the other person at all. Orgasm has nothing to do with the other person either. Sex is not, and never should be about the other person. As a matter of fact, when you make sex about the other person, or for the other person, it guarantees that you won’t reach this state.

This experience was totally about the self. It never would have happened had I not worshiped myself most of all, for years. It was also a realization that what our society and world religions teach us about sex is 100% wrong. There is not a shred of truth to it. Tradition, definition of love, relationship rules, marriage, morality, gender roles, social norms- they are all wrong. Humanity has been sold a lie, and it is no wonder that we keep desperately searching for love, relationships, meaning- some waste their lives looking. We keep searching because we have never been taught, we already have it. It is within us. It has been all along.

We have been worshiping in the wrong temples, since the dawn of mankind. We have been taught that religion owns the monopoly on God, when it has no access to the truth at all. We have succumbed to rules of conduct, ethical behavior, societal pressures to reproduce, been told how, why, and under what circumstances it is appropriate to have sex. Our sexuality (especially women’s) is still being regulated by the health industry, government, religious leaders, parents, teachers and the media. Imagine what a tremendous task it is to unlearn everything we have been taught.

The only temple to worship is the one within yourself. The only God is you. The only sexuality that is healthy, is the kind that turns you into a total screamer. The only man that will satisfy you, is the one they keep telling you is wrong. The only experience to go after is total, and complete ecstasy, every single day. The only diet you need, is the big O. If that isn’t a life path to follow, I don’t know what is.

There is nothing else. The one thing we have been told not to experience, without true love, a soul mate, or a marriage certificate, is the very thing that will allow you to see God, in person. I guarantee it. No, it won’t happen from that everyday kind of orgasm that you have with that partner of 30 yrs. It will happen after you awaken, after you reach enlightenment (more on that later). And the path to that, is the one you’ve been postponing. Yoga won’t get you there, you must master your mind. The mind is where it all happens. It is where you see things that cannot be seen with mortal eyes.

So close your eyes and see, you are God.



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  2. audreyjulienne says:

    Gees, I started meditation a few weeks ago… I can’t wait to see the same kind of results ;P


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