My Body is My Temple

My body is a temple. What does this mean? The concept goes beyond physical fitness, or yoga, and refers to self-respect, self-awareness, self-love.

Take off all your clothes, and look in the mirror. What do you see? Does this look like a Goddess who is absolutely in love with herself? Does this look like a Goddess who has nothing but utmost respect for herself? How is she treating herself? You can tell a lot about a person, by how they are treating their body.

The concept of the body as a temple is actually a spiritual one. This body, will house, protect, but also reflect your soul and your inner being as long as you are here on earth. You have heard, that beauty is on the inside, and that some people shine so bright, that it reflects on the outside. Does your body reflect that shine?

I often cringe when I hear women attack one another for being too skinny, bash media and the fashion industry for glorifying unattainable bodies, and berate models and celebrities for having envious bodies. That anger and frustration, is actually a reflection of their own inadequacies. Demanding that the world change it’s definition of beauty or fitness, won’t make these women feel better, because the inadequacy will remain.

I love my body. No it isn’t perfect at all, by I adore it anyway. When I am skinny, I feel more energized and more mobility. But when I put on a few pounds, I love it anyway. There are times I can’t fit into a tight, body-conscious dress, but I don’t hate women who can. I don’t demand that the media stop glorifying skinny models, instead I commend them for their beauty.

My body is my temple. And when I feel great about myself, it shows. When I feel beautiful, my skin glows, and when I feel anxious or depressed, my belly lets me know. When I wear it out, my face reflects my exhaustion, and when I drink champagne, my eyes twinkle, and my smile can light up a city block.

The temple is the place where a Goddess worships herself, her physical beauty, her inner self. It is where she appreciates all that she is without apology, guilt or regrets. It is where she does her inner work, and her outer body reflects her inner beauty.

Self-worship, is at the core of spiritual success. It is that one missing piece, that has been deleted from religious texts. When a woman worships herself first, all things fall into place. The love for the self grows, the respect for the self becomes of utmost importance, emotional independence and inner strength guide her to her true self.

This is the exact reason that witches were burned at the stake, that goddess worship fell, and was replaced by a patriarchy. If women only knew that they are the center of the universe, that they are that which is to be worshiped, that they are, in fact, God, how powerful could we be?

A woman of self-worth, grace and love, has a temple admired by all.


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    thank you for the ecknowlegement…..


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