Society Profits from Your Self-Doubt

It is nothing more than fear mongering “. We’ve all read the ominous statistics proclaiming that women are doomed.

Too educated? You won’t find a husband. Too successful, you will be hated. Are you single? You must be lonely and miserable. In your 30’s- better hurry up and pop out a baby, you don’t want to miss your opportunity. You’d rather be child free? We feel sorry for you.

The media is toxic, and society opinions just follow whatever the media spits out.
Nothing saddens me more, than when I see a friend enter the race to find a husband on time, before she is proclaimed a lonely spinster. And those friends who only hear their biological clocks ticking, but don’t have a maternal bone in their body, later ask Why did I do this?

We are all intelligent, educated women, who are bombarded by society pressure every day. But who profits from this? The media, conservatives, the church, your well-meaning parents, old men? No, you do not have to conform, nor do you have to accept this as truth.

The only thing you should listen to, is your own inner guidance system. Would you rather have a soul mate than a husband? Me too, so I am gloriously single, until I find the perfect one. And if I don’t, I will be gloriously single into my 90’s.

Not sure motherhood is for you? Congratulations, you know yourself. Now you can focus on whatever pleases you. Love younger men? Who doesn’t? Parade the little devil on your arm shamelessly!

My point is, the sooner you can stop the toxic stream of media from seeping into your mind, and cause self-doubt, the sooner you will live life on your own terms.

No apologies, No regrets.



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