The Path to Enlightenment is Your Own

The path to enlightenment is your own path.  You cannot buy the knowledge from a bookstore, a yoga studio, or a guru.


It is a journey into your own mind, to discover your own soul, the power of you. It takes years to practice, and most never find it. Nevertheless, simply being on one’s own path is enough.


It takes years to master, but the mind is the key to enlightenment. You were born with a gift, a gift so powerful, yet most people die never having used it at all.


Seekers often look for someone to guide them to their path. Seekers, will never find it, simply because by seeking, they are not finding.


It is amazing to see how many people in this country worship yoga (the physical alignment), and claim to be enlightened by the poses, their vegan diets, their personal opinions. Trust me, you won’t find the truth in a yoga studio. Yoga is a very powerful practice, that aligns the chakras, releases energetic blockage, and energizes. The yoga high is real, but it is not the key to anything.


In the east, yoga is simply preparation for something much more powerful. The reason it is practiced at all, is to ensure that the physical is taken care of, and balanced, before the mental training can begin.


So now that your body is healthy and energized, it is time to close your eyes, empty the mind, and explore. It may take you a year, it may take you a decade, but trust me, the path is in there.


No one can guide you to it, in fact guidance is the very thing that will keep you away from it. Be still, listen, notice, breathe, acknowledge, say hello to it, follow your path.


Group practice will only distract you. Asking for guidance will only ensure you enter someone else’s path. At the end, their path enlightens them, but you will be shut out. It is not your own.


The first step is solitude. The second silence. The third the release, letting go of one’s attachments. Understand, that you are everything there is, therefore nothing can be lost or missing.


Those who are afraid of solitude, cling to others for company, will remain blind. Those who cannot silence the world around them, will forever be distracted by noise. There is no peace without silence.


The path to enlightenment is your own. Close your eyes, and say hello.




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