The Goddess

Men may be drawn to her magnetically, but what makes her a Goddess is that she is an absolute pleasure to herself.


If you were lucky enough to ever be in her presence, you’ll note she delights in her own company. Whether she treats herself to a weekend of solitude, or she stands in the center of a crowded room basking in her own light, she is impossible to ignore.


Spouses, girlfriends, mortal women, need reassurance around her. That is because they feel her power. This is a woman who can have any man, at any time, and all know it.


But, lucky for them, a Goddess is her own greatest pleasure. She basks in her own beauty, thrives in her own centeredness, shimmers with an all-knowingness. No, she is not some mythical creature depicted in fairy tales, she is real, and walks among us.


What makes her so magnetic, is her own inner glow that cannot be replicated. She is part angel, part horned devil, and she loves the yin and yang of her duality. She plays with it, charms with it. And has the ability to magnetize an entire room.


Her favorite sport is self-appreciation, her favorite pastime, self-exploration. She studies herself only, taking pleasure in her growth, her mastery, her ascendance.


The men in her life are beautiful creatures. They give pleasure, they participate in the fun, they provide adventure, ecstasy, chaos, lessons, and transcendental experience, but the focus is never on them, her life is about her.


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