Does He Have a Solid Reputation?

Does your man have a solid reputation?

Make no mistake, his reputation is just as important as your own. Now look around, and check him out.

Is he fit to be your boyfriend? Is he someone you want to be seen in public with? Does he have a new woman every few months? Do you really want people to think you two are together?

If you are marriage minded, your standards should be even higher. Do you have friends or acquaintances who have been with him too?

Think about it. We women are judged by some very high standards, and anything we say or do in our personal lives, can affect our reputation. A man might have a good time with a woman who gets around, but he would think twice about marrying her.

Yet being a player is considered manly to most men. I firmly believe that players are for fun. By all means, play with them, and have a good time. But, there is no reason you should attach yourself to them, be seen in public with them, or think of them as solid relationship material.

I believe that every man along life’s path is to be enjoyed. But, as you are minding your own reputation, you really should consider who he is as a person, and how seriously he takes his own reputation. Does he post photos online of different women every few weeks? In that case, make sure your photo isn’t one of them.

When you are out together, does he introduce you to all his exes? No, you don’t want to keep that guy forever. You don’t need to make him your boyfriend. You could have fun, but make sure people don’t think you are in a relationship together.

A man would never marry the woman who has dated all his friends. Make sure you aren’t seen in public with used goods either. Remember, it is ok to have fun with him, but a man you are in a relationship with, should have a reputation that is as squeaky clean as yours.


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