Chasing Dreams That are Not Your Own

Don’t let society pressure you into chasing dreams that are not your own.

You are young, you want a life. You want adventure, experience, wild times, foreign lands, and the time to make all the mistakes you want.

Who are you? Do you even know? The road to self discovery is out there, but you
won’t find your passion, if you are following society’s rules. How can you? They are not your own rules.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you must marry before a certain age. There is no such thing as spinster. Don’t rush into making babies, if motherhood is not for you. You are not a carton of soured milk, and you do not have an expiration date.

Your passion and your life’s path will only reveal themselves when you are utterly free to be whoever you want. But succumbing to society’s pressure to conform, will only leave you disillusioned, goal-less, and incomplete.

We were all born with passion and purpose, we lost somewhere along the way. It happened when we listened to our well meaning parents and teachers, who pointed the direction we should go into. It wasn’t our own.

It happens when you meet price charming at a young age, and compromise your dreams, to live a life as someone’s wife. You are too young to compromise.

Society and media have put so much pressure on women to conform, but it is that conformity that guarantees you stay chained to tradition. Who says what your dreams should be, or how your life should be lived? Only you.

So if you want to take a break from college to spend a year in France drinking wine and finding yourself, do it. If you want to start your own business when they are telling you that you haven’t enough experience, go for it. Either you’ll prove them wrong, or learn a valuable lesson.

In life, there are no mistakes, as long as you made them yourself. The only regret there is, is to reach the age of 99, lay on your deathbed, and realize that you spent your life following rules, and that you forgot to do it your way.


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