Life Is Tough When You’ve Got The Juice.

There are two kinds of people in the world, the fulls, and the empties. The empties are always chasing the fulls, and the fulls want nothing to do with them. When the empties get lonely, they form binding agreements, so that neither is ever authorized to flee and leave an empty space behind. They work hard to preserve traditions, institutions, status quo because change is painful and turns them upside down.

The empties are convinced of their moral and spiritual superiority and their high intelligence because they have the paperwork to prove it. The fulls tore up their paperwork to roll joints. The empties are convinced the fulls are fools, for not wanting what they’ve got. Unfortunately, they cannot survive without the fulls, because their fellow empties are just cartridges. There’s no juice on the inside. The marketplace is full of cartridges, but juice cannot be bought.

But how to acquire a full? Take one, and see if it files a complaint? Offer a cash reward for loyalty and service? Dangle a sparkly carrot, and see if it bites? Sometimes they get a nibble, but when a full gets a whiff of an empty, no reward is worth the drain.

The planet is a giant zoo of different types of people divided into political systems, borders, ideologies, religions, philosophies that only serve to distinguish the fulls from the empties. It’s a giant puppet show of screamers, complainers and disgruntled empties, who can’t get the juice 🙂 But the juice is not for sale. Life is tough when you’ve got the juice. Keep running my friends!



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