How To Protect Your Energetic Space

Here is a post for the more sensitive ladies in the group. Many of you meditate, many of you do yoga, many of you know how to take care of yourself, and many of you are aware of energy. Do you know how to protect your energy, how to ground yourself, how to seal yourself off, and how to remain sovereign and supreme in your own space? If you don’t, this post is for you.

If you don’t understand what I am talking about, ponder this for a minute. What would happen to a body physically, if a surgeon did not stitch the person up? If that incision remained open, what would happen to the patient and their personal wellbeing? Every one of you knows what would happen next. Germs would enter the body, an infection could happen, the person could get sicker, even die. So what happens to your energy field when you remain open, and forget to protect it?

Here is what I learned during my 15+ years of meditating. Meditating feels wonderful. It is a very healing practice, that makes us feel balanced, stable, positive, blissful, high on life, even powerful. It feels so good that most of us want to stay there for extended periods of time. More of you do yoga, and some describe the positive effects on your body as addictive. We all want to feel good, so we pursue the practices more.

But, there are also negative effects of meditation, yoga, or any practice that involves “opening up”. Some of you may have noticed that you have become much more sensitive to negative energies. You spend much of your time in that positive space, that the negative becomes much more noticeable, even unbearable. Many of you join groups to practice yoga or to meditate, and this is something I want to caution you about. The reason I advocate for solo practice in your own personal, clean, healthy space is because during your practice you open your energy field, you open yourself up to whatever energy is around you. When the practice is over, many of you forget to stitch yourself up, seal off your energy space. I used to forget to ground myself for years, and caused myself accidents, energy attacks, all kinds of things too weird to describe here.
Never practice yoga or meditation, nor any other practice that expands your energy field around other people. If you are sensitive, you know exactly what I am talking about. You are sharing energy with others, and if someone in that room is emotionally unhealthy you have no way of knowing it. Their energy will affect you, can even make you feel bad.

Recently, a friend who meditates on a regular basis experienced a breakup with a cheater. The man is toxic, and being highly sensitive to energy, makes it more difficult to end a bad relationship. Why? You can break up with a physical person, block them, never see them again. But that person’s energy is an imprint that can stay with you for a long time. In my opinion, energy is more toxic than any disease. You will be able to feel energy, long after the person is gone. Luckily, my friend understands this and knows what to do.

If you are sensitive to energy, you will have a harder time cutting off that connection. That means that you must take better care, before, during, and after relationships to deal with only healthy people.

One of the side effects of meditating for over a decade, is that my energy field has expanded. I am a magnet for people, especially for men. Don’t laugh, this is actually not a desired effect. Imagine meeting men for only a few minutes, but then be followed by them, pursued, stalked for years. My energy field is bright, and high. Often people feel intoxicated around me. Many unaware men automatically think that this means they are in love. The confuse their feelings with love, when in fact they just had a taste of what it feels like to be in a permanent state of bliss. Positive energy, or Goddess energy can be addictive, so be very careful who you share that with.

I can’t leave a grocery store without men following me out. This can be scary, if you don’t understand what to do about it. In 2017, there were three people sleeping on my lawn waiting for a chance to talk to me. A man was once waiting for me in front of my PO Box for a week, waiting to see me. Women get addicted to me too, desperately wanting to be my friend. Positive energy and bliss are intoxicating, it feels good to people, they want to feed on it. They want some of what you’ve got. But, things can get ugly if you don’t know how to seal it off.

It takes time to learn to seal off your energy space. It was a long process for me. In the mean time, if you are not quite sure of how to protect your energy, do what you need to do physically. I continue to unfriend or block people whose energy feels unhealthy to me. I shut of my attention to that person, I don’t let my thoughts or awareness to flow there. You may have to physically move away until you learn how to block energy.

A lot of women are eager to bond with someone. That desire for a deep bond exposes them in unhealthy ways. That need to bond can be so strong, that they fail to evaluate people, don’t screen men well, don’t take time to read all the signals, pay attention to see if this male has good intentions. Most women don’t even know what he wants, but are so eager to bond that they open up immediately. This is a hard and painful lesson I had to learn. Being cautious is not being hardened or distrustful of men. It means you are honoring yourself by taking time to learn whether the other is in your highest interest.
So, if you are sensitive to energy, or if you are just starting to notice physical and mental changes as you are learning to meditate, please study some techniques for grounding, sealing energy off, shifting attention, and if you are not good at that, open your mouth and just say NO. Yes, not allowing people into your personal space is sometimes the best way.

But, there are a lot of methods out there for grounding. You do this before and after yoga or meditation. Since I meditate a lot, I have to remind myself daily to do this frequently. It is a matter of pulling your energy back down into your physical body, and remaining more connected to the ground or earth. In addition, I shift my attention into the present, and make sure that all 5 of my senses, sight, sound, smell, touch and hearing are fully present by seeing things much more vividly in the now.
I also use my “sealed jar” technique. How would your senses perceive the now, if you were sitting inside a sealed container? Imagine that for a minute. Your senses would be impermeable, you’d be immune to any toxin outside the jar.

This is how I close up my energy. I practice sealing myself off when I am in a group of people, any place where there is tension, stress, aggression, even the subway 🙂
But most of all, you have to be aware of who is in your personal space. You have heard the term “my body is my temple”. It absolutely is. But you have to protect your temple, keep it clean, safe, healthy and honor it every day. How are you honoring yourself when you are not screening the men you share your temple with? Are they healthy? How do you know? What do people do inside a temple? They get down on their knees and worship. Do the men in your life worship you? Do they honor you? Do they revere you? Then why are they in your temple?

If you are aware of energy, even if that awareness is slowly growing, you are noticing that it is becoming a little harder to keep your energy aligned when other people enter your space. By no means am I telling you to kick people out, nor to be egotistical about your personal space. That will make you just as toxic.

Instead, practice techniques that make you impenetrable to bad energy. A lot of people see themselves as “empaths”- I don’t like that term. They see their awareness of energy as something special. Well, they are seeing themselves through their own ego. That’s not so special. Being a powerful woman means being impervious to bad energies, opinions, judgements of others. Are you impervious or do you fall apart when someone looks at you the wrong way?

Goddess Power is knowing how to remain balanced despite what everyone else is doing around you. The purpose of relationships is to teach you that. You will have many relationships in your life, but the most important lesson you can learn is how to remain in complete balance, how to remain supreme surrounded by people who are trying to push you out of balance.

So, do your daily yoga and meditation alone. If you need other people, study yourself and ask why? Whether you are doing yoga, meditating or if you are in a romantic relationship, your energy field is open. You may be trying to connect to someone. You may be experiencing negative effects of having an unpleasant energy in your space. Pay attention! This is your space, you are open, and you are laying there exposed.
The best lesson I learned on this meditation journey is how to ground myself, how to seal off my own energy, how to stitch myself up, how to not feel other people. Practice, practice, practice.



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2 Responses to How To Protect Your Energetic Space

  1. macollins6 says:

    Hi Selena,

    Thank you for your post. I began my meditation about 2 and a half ago. Although she can’t quite pinpoint it, my wife can tell when I haven’t meditated.

    I particularly enjoyed reading about your technique of the sealed jar. I do envision myself as enclosed within an egg shaped energy field. When I come across a negative person I can almost see the sparks flying off of me, negating the sewer of their emotions.




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