How to Lose Power Through Unconscious Sex

I’m curious how many women are aware what the quote says below, and how many agree. This is something I have been thinking about for years. and have put it in practice a while back. It is the reason I date much less than ever, and have never regretted it. I see the positive changes in my own emotional and energetic health, so for me, there’s no going back. But I see that many of my friends are still looking for love by unconsciously having sex.

We all complain about how awful it feels, every woman wants a better connection, but having sex with males who are not capable or don’t want a true connection leaves them feeling empty, dejected, feeling used, and drained. They ask what is wrong with me that I cannot connect? What is wrong is that you are mindlessly having sex with men who are intentionally disconnected from you. I know many of you are not aware or don’t feel energetic changes, so I avoid talking about that. But, your energy gets drained, and your entire being feels empty after hooking up with a man who is there just to feed, and I know that most of you know how that feels.

I have talked about Tantra before in this forum, and how sex affects your body in a positive or a negative way- depending on how you choose to approach it. Sex can either empower you, heal you, or it can destroy you, make you sick, drain you. Going about it mindlessly, giving it away to any male who wants it, using sex to gain a relationship, is going to make you sick.

According to Tantra, a woman’s sexual energy is 10,000 times more powerful than a man. We all see it, a male orgasm can last a few minutes, a woman’s can last for days.What is an orgasm? It is the most powerful energy in the world, and women are vessels for that energy. According to some ancient traditions, this is God, or the God state in which humans (if they know how to use that energy) are as powerful as Gods. This is why some ancient traditions practice “sacred sex”, celibacy, do energy work on the body, and actually honor the giver of that energy, women.

Men cannot survive without female energy. Men spend their entire lives hunting and searching for sex. Even when they are married, even when they are loyal, they still seek female attention, validation, approval. Women don’t always need male energy. The energy we create all by ourselves is sufficient, as long as we don’t use it to compromise our self-worth. Sure, we need men, but only in healthy, caring, loving, respectful relationships. No woman can argue with this.

So, what happens when you are giving males, you barely know, whom you haven’t vetted, who have never bothered to earn your respect, who have never bothered to create a genuine two-way, mutual connection, access to your sexual energy? Men feed on your energy, why you release it to them. Notice what happens when you have had cheap, unconscious, sex? Males feel empowered, they feel more like a man, they feel more masculine, they thump themselves on the chest. How do you feel? Most women who unconsciously give their energy away, feel used, drained, sad, lonely, and depleted. This is because he has done nothing to honor you, worship you, take care of you. He may give you an orgasm, but he cannot fulfill you emotionally. Emotions are powerful energies, and most men know how to drain you through your own emotions. What’s worse, if the man is unconscious, that energy you just gave him will just feed his ego, which in turn perpetuates that toxicity we all talk about.

Like many of you, when I was younger I used to think this is ridiculous. I thought that female sexual energy should be free, uncontrolled, and I still believe that no one should control that but the woman herself. But most women, have no clue how to respect that energy, how to work with it, how to empower themselves, how to balance themselves, so they trade it away, or give it away cheap. So, when many women have unconscious sex, they simply allow males to relieve themselves with their bodies. I’m glad that some women have figured out that this doesn’t feel good and are rethinking relationships or situations they chose for themselves.

But conscious sex can only happen between two conscious people. When one or both are not aware of themselves, one or both will be dissatisfied, seeking to find fulfillment through the other’s body, and as you know, both will be left starving. So if you want a more fulfilling sex life, you must first become aware of yourself, understand your own needs, learn to honor those needs, and not seek attention from males who have not knelt down before you. This is why I refer to powerful women who respect themselves, honor themselves, balance themselves as Goddesses. When women figure out where their power lies (hint, it is within). they turn into Goddesses. That God energy is available to every human on earth, and you ignore it when you turn your attention outward and seek fulfillment through other people.

I have always used this analogy to explain how female sexual energy works. A woman is like a battery, it is full of energy. All healthy humans know how to recharge their own energy, and keep it full, complete, and powerful. Men are like plugs who simply drain that energy to feed themselves. Nothing in this universe can exist without this power, yet sadly, most women throw it away to feed pigs with it.

We all want better relationships. But nothing will change until you change yourself. So stop asking males to be better. You have to be better to yourself. Stop begging males for respect, you must respect yourself so much that not an ounce of that energy will go to a male who does not worship you with a pure heart. Stop seeking relationships with energy vampires, egoic males, males who are in the game to score. Yes, you do that, so it is you who has to stop. It is the women who are giving their energy away, so it is the women who must take responsibility for who they share their energy with. You can easily take back your power if you honor it. You have the whole universe inside you, you all heard that God is within.

I don’t care what religion you are, no God from any belief system has come down to earth and allowed males to disrespect it, or soil it. No God from any religion has knelt in front of man, it is the other way around. And no man from any religion has received anything until he knelt before God. Stop begging males for better treatment, no Goddess would do that. Stop seeking attention, connections, or relationships with males who don’t respect, earn the right to be with you, don’t even like you.If you want to be powerful, you have to stop kneeling before males, your power is within you.


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