Men Strive to Please Us

All Men Must Serve

It sounds brutish, but it is true. All humans must serve a higher purpose. Without one, life has no meaning. If you have ever experienced an awakening, it was in that moment that you came in touch with your inner self, that inner Goddess, and realized your life’s calling. Men awaken too, and when they discover their purpose in life, they see the world through different eyes, and life has new meaning.

What is God? God is a supreme being, some call her the Universe, some see God as an entity with human-like qualities. God is all there is. What is a Goddess? A Goddess is God, and nothing less. She is not God’s sidekick, his partner, nor his wife. She is God, she is all there is.

We humans worship God for our own greater good. We worship to find inner peace, we get in touch with God to receive guidance, benevolence, and blessings. God does not demand worship from us. Most importantly, we worship of our own free will, for our own benefit, for our own expansion and growth. A Goddess is a woman whom people worship of their own free will, for their own pleasure. She does not demand worship, and she never has to ask for it, nor whine about it. Her magnetic qualities are enough for people to take notice.

Is God available to all? Yes and no. Sure, God is all there is, and is meant for all to be comforted by its presence. But not all have found God, not all have read between the lines of religious texts, not all have understood, and not all have aligned with the energy the universe blesses us with. To receive that, it takes some study, much introspection, painful soul searching, and a willingness to walk our own path.

Is the Goddess available to all? Of course not. Her benevolence is all reaching. After all, she is truly divine. But she does not make herself a slave to other people’s needs, she does not spread herself thin trying to be all things to all people, and she is far from being a people pleaser. She is God, and in being all there is, she is enough.

A Goddess is a woman everyone wants. That is because she creates her own energy, never taking energy from others. She shares her light, her grace and her positive energy with all who worship her. Her energy flows out of her like a powerful waterfall, her light, as bright as any star in the sky. It is there for all to see, and bask in. But she does not owe that to anyone, only those who appreciate it, are grateful for it, and worship it, receive it in abundance.

A Goddess does not punish those who do not worship, that is their choice. When a person isn’t receiving her light, it isn’t because she is withholding, it is because that person fails to see, appreciate, or align with her energy. One must worship God in order to receive his blessings. A Goddess does not bend over backwards to lift up those who are ailing, instead they must rise up to see her light.

A Goddess kneels before no one. How ridiculous would it be for God to kneel before a worshiper? Yet, for her, and only her, all men kneel willingly, out of their own respect and admiration. Women kneel before her too, to receive her empowerment.

A Goddesses purpose isn’t to own people, rule them, manipulate them, or instruct them. Her only purpose is to live her own truth and meet her own desires, and in achieving that single minded focus on her own pleasures, she lifts other up by being an example to those who want the same. Women view her as a source of truth and empowerment, and emulate her to find their own power. Men are absolutely turned on by her, some even understand they will never possess her, nor enjoy her company. That is not because she is virginal, it is because she can, and does have any man she wants.

A Goddess selects from the best of men. It isn’t for society, culture, nor textbooks to define what a good man is, it is for her to decide what will please her now. The most powerful women in the world, do not need men for anything other than their own pleasure. When a woman has reached that level of self-possession, self-assurance, independence, supreme confidence in her own being, she has awakened the Goddess within. At this point, she lives life for her own pleasure, and she alone decides who she will take pleasure in.

The lucky few who are in her inner circle, receive life’s ultimate blessings. Her friends receive her guidance, encouragement, her light, not because they are owed anything, simply because she enjoys their company. Her men, on the other hand, receive a power like no other. And this is what separates mortal women from Goddesses. Mortal women have no power to give a man. They can act as cheerleader, be his comfort and companion, but no man received his power from that.

A Goddess bestows her energy on men who worship her properly, and those blessings amount to superhuman confidence, life’s purpose, inner drive, and sharp focus on attaining their goals, their spiritual and earthly wealth. It is through her, that they receive their power to succeed, something all men crave, And it is for her that they will do it. She needs nothing from them, just like the great God in heaven needs nothing from you. She simply delights in what she receives.

When worshiped to her full satisfaction, to the point when she lives in the state of permanent orgasm, nirvana, bliss, a Goddess blesses the men in her life with a power no woman on earth can produce. This is why in ancient times, and in the present, the most powerful men on earth still take part in Goddess worship. Men who seek power from mortal women, will never find it.

This is something that has been hidden from humanity for thousands of years, and it has been hidden by religious institutions, the very ones people rely on for spiritual guidance. All the world’s religions have hidden this truth from man, and relegated women to the role of man’s sidekick, when in fact, she is the key to riches they never dared to dream of.

Woman is that key that unlocks the gates of heaven. She who knows herself, knows her true power.

Beware, there are countless false Goddesses out there, the majority of which thrive in new-age communities, peddle health foods, diets and yoga poses as ways to reach enlightenment, and refer to themselves by self-glorifying titles. To clarify, I should point out the vast differences between true Goddesses and their mortal conterparts.

A Goddess needs no validation. As God, she has always been valid. She will not ask for your favor, nor will she ask you to trust her, believe her, follow, or respect her. She always has her followers.

A Goddess is a woman who lives life by her own rules only. She seeks no approval from men. She needs no approval from women either. You will recognize her by the fact that some people delight in her presence, while the men who cannot possess her, and women who have no hope of being like her, show extreme disapproval of her. She is never concerned with the critics. She continues to live by her own standards.

A Goddess generates her own energy, her own power.  She shares that positive energy with all.  She does not take energy from others. Ever. To clarify, incomplete human beings, need the energy of others to survive. They seek attention, and look for their purpose in others. Goddesses radiate pure, positive energy at all times. They need nothing to thrive.

In order to generate her light and her positive energy, a Goddess delights in her solitude. In fact, she experiences extreme bliss in her personal time. Often, we spend much time alone in nature, where we connect to earth, fauna, and become one with its energy. Nature is our church (and should be yours too).  A mortal woman craves the energy of others, especially the attention of men, while a Goddess generates her own light in solitude, then blesses others with it.

A mortal woman needs. A Goddess has.

A mortal woman seeks safety, security, and support from men. A Goddess seeks nothing, she is all that.

A mortal can be pleased with attention, commitment, a diamond ring, and a promise to never leave her. A Goddess can be pleased by the quality of the pleasure men provide, and one man’s commitment is of no benefit to her at all. In fact, the more men she is worshiped by, the more power she has.

To some, the Goddess is a vile creature, someone to be persecuted, even eliminated. She is a threat, but not to humanity. She is a threat to those who are not in touch with their own energy, and refuse to do the work for themselves. She is a threat to women who compete for the attention and favors of men, and she is a threat to men who cannot receive her blessings. In fact, we have been eliminated from religious texts, hidden from the eyes of humanity, even burned at the stake.

So how are Goddesses worshiped? Freely and willingly.  You know you are a Goddess when without needing to ask for anything, men strive to be their best for you. We never ask for their attention, never compete for it, we make no effort at all. A man does not owe it to us to worship us, but when he is allowed to do so, his purpose is served.

A Goddess requires no commitment at all. Does God in heaven ask you to never leave him? Does God in heaven ask that you sign on the dotted line that you will obey him? Of course not, you can leave any time, and that God is not affected by your choice at all. Thus a Goddess is not concerned with man’s commitment at all. She can have any man, in fact, she is served by a multiple selection of worthy men at all times. This is, in fact, the true meaning of Goddess worship.

Most women and most men are not comfortable with a woman having this much power, and Goddesses understand that. I don’t expect my clients and readers to approve, most simply view my lifestyle as an inspirational fantasy. Not surprisingly though, the women who contact me for mentoring, are in fact the ones who sense that there is more to life. Many of them have seen a glimpse of the Goddess they are capable of being, and are shedding their mortality to embark on a path to find that inner power. It is a long process, but absolutely worth the journey.

After all, as any religious text will tell you, God is within.














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    Interesting! I may not 100% agree with all of your conclusions, but you’ve definitely given me food for thought.


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