Find Bliss in Your Solitude, and You Will Find Yourself

Find bliss in your solitude, and you will find your SELF. But solitude isn’t enough, finding bliss in that state of being, is the key to connecting with the self.

Some women aren’t comfortable in their solitude, because that state of existence feels lonely. Loneliness is a condition of not liking being with the self. It is a state of not appreciating the greatest gift of all, the self.

So how to like, and learn to love the self? Start by dating yourself. Plane spectacular, romantic, luxurious, adventurous dates by yourself. No one else can come along. Create the date you have always dreamed of. Buy yourself flowers, an expensive bottle of wine, take yourself to the beach to appreciate the sunset, but whatever you do make sure you are alone, and that you appreciate every moment.

Soon, you will discover, that the more you appreciate what is right in front of your eyes, the more you will appreciate your own company. In that process, you learn to like, love, and discover the self. It is a long process, and many dates will be needed.

Next, you will discover that the more you like your own company, the more you love and gain respect for your personal time. The more you like your own company, the more you will see that others like it too. Be selfish, and don’t compromise that alone time, by sharing it with other people. You are doing this for your own personal growth and development.

Eventually, you will look forward to your time to yourself. Slowly, you will discover bliss in your times of solitude. When this happens, you will be on your way toward a personal awakening, to a centeredness that leads you to you, to that inner being some refer to as the Goddess. Pay attention to how you feel in thatstate of being, physically, emotionally, vibrationally, and magnetically. The more you align yourself with your inner being, the more your life will change, and the more people, events and things you will attract that match that feeling.

Blissful solitude is the key to self discovery and awakening.



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