Beware of False Prophets

Be careful of taking advice from people who haven’t reached an inner level of knowingness of themselves. No one can guide you to a place where they haven’t been. If they knew the path and how to get you there, they would have been there first.

If you are trading advice and learning with your emotional support group, you might not be learning anything at all. You may be only confirming what you have experienced with people who are on your level, so you might notice that after a while you are keeping each other stuck on the same level.

This is why I am not a fan of “support groups”, “emotional support”, and holding hands and crying on each others’ shoulders. That only keeps us in the same place. I’d rather a Goddess comes here, learns how to master her strengths and weaknesses, gets kicked in the ass a few times, then graduates to another level, than to stay stuck here and in a state of always searching.

In case it is ever misunderstood, it is not my intention to guide or teach anyone. We can only do that ourselves, with our willingness to always experience and stay on our own path. I came across some amazing women and asked them to join the group mainly because I saw they have the experience to propel each other forward, without ever joining the pity party.

I see a lot of charlatans out there selling spirituality, growth and enlightenment, as if those things can be acquired through someone more valid. No one became enlightened from drinking a detox shake, striking a yoga pose, and getting a certificate in enlightenment.  We get there by rising, failing, crashing to all time lows, building ourselves up, and trying again and again until we learn to fly. And even then we humbly accept that we are mere novices.

We live in a country where spirituality and personal development are for sale. These concepts are a part of a $50 billion dollar industry that often exaggerates, embellishes and twists the truth to make a concept easier to swallow and more marketable. If you are getting your “truth” from media, courses, “masters” and gurus, you are already way off course. There is only one course, yours. If you don’t know where that is, it is because you are not reaching deep within yourself.

A lot of people don’t like to look within, because it is unpleasant. We all have that dark side we would rather not explore. That is totally fine. But unless you have dwelled there for an extended period of time, you have not done your work. A teacher or guru, cannot do it for you. Whoever you are will be completely revealed to you, when you learn to face yourself in the mirror, see who you truly are. Unless you know that deep within yourself, how would you know what path is the right one for you?

Following guides will lead you down many paths. It is okay to try a few of them to see what works. But you are following, and not charting you own course. You will find that as soon as a new teacher or concept comes along, a new path is presented, and in not knowing yourself, you are likely to be guided on a brand new journey- someone else’s.

Beware of false prophets.



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